North Carolina Film Industry Forms New Advocacy Group

The North Carolina Production Alliance (NCPA), the newly formed statewide coalition of skilled technicians, crew, filmmakers, producers, studio owners, small businesses, hospitality professionals, and local governments has launched their official website in advance of the 2014 legislative session.

NC Production Alliance

The group will provide verifiable information to the media, legislature and the public about the size, scope and economic impact of the film industry in North Carolina. 

“The film industry attracts hundreds of millions of dollars in spending in the state. Without these incentives, this money walks away from North Carolina. The jobs created by these incentives will move to other states as well,” says Bill Vassar, chairman of the NCPA. “We have three generations of crew that have made this state their home. They send their children to North Carolina schools. This is not about Hollywood stars.”

The website and communications effort will also bolster the film industry’s soon to be released supply chain analysis by Dr. Robert Handfield of North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management.  “Past studies conducted by the Commerce Department have been manufacturing-based in their focus,” said Vassar. “They have looked at job categories and skill sets that are not relevant to our industry. Simply put, the actual impact of workers in our state has not yet been captured. This new type of study will offer a more realistic depiction of film’s impact on North Carolina.”

The NCPA website highlights the latest three-year estimate of the number of high paying jobs in the film industry as well as temporary jobs. A detailed analysis of each job function, pay, and impact will be further addressed in the supply chain study, which will be posted online as soon as all summaries and study information are vetted.

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