‘Max’ Will Film in Charlotte, North Carolina

MGM Studios, Sunswept Entertainment and Picture 8 Productions is bringing a new family movie inspired by true events to North Carolina to begin filming this spring, and we learned today that Max will shoot in the Charlotte area.

'Max' begins filming in North Carolina in May 2014.
‘Max’ begins filming in North Carolina in May 2014.

Max will begin production on May 5 and wrap around June 20 in the Charlotte area, and if you want to be a part of the film you can submit your resume and crew position to [email protected].

From the official synopsis: “A Belgian Shepard Malinois military working dog returns from active service in Afghanistan traumatized by his handler’s death. Erratic and dangerous, Max is adopted by the bereaved family and bonds with the marine’s troubled 14-year old brother. Together they unravel the secret behind his brother’s death and pull a family together again.”

Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) will write and direct the film.

Max will arrive in theaters in 2015.


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