Study Says NC Film Incentives Provide 4,000 Jobs, Positive Economic Growth

North Carolina cities where filming has occurred.

We were hesitant to publish this today for fear it may get lost amid the many fake April Fools Day stories, but this is no joke and it’s too serious to wait, as the much anticipated study by NC State University regarding the real impact of North Carolina’s film incentive program was released today, finding that allowing the incentives to expire at the end of this year could cost the state approximately 4,000 jobs.  The study also finds that for every dollar of the film incentive credit that the state issues,…

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North Carolina Film Industry Forms New Advocacy Group

NC Production Alliance

The North Carolina Production Alliance (NCPA), the newly formed statewide coalition of skilled technicians, crew, filmmakers, producers, studio owners, small businesses, hospitality professionals, and local governments has launched their official website in advance of the 2014 legislative session. The group will provide verifiable information to the media, legislature and the public about the size, scope and economic impact of the film industry in North Carolina. 

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