John Elvis on Living a Dream ‘Under the Dome’ [Interview]

John Elvis returns as Ben Drake in Season 2 of 'Under the Dome'.

John Elvis gets all the best lines on Under the Dome, as the show’s lovable wisecracking skater Ben Drake, the loyal best friend of the hit CBS series’ protagonist, who can’t help but lighten the mood in an otherwise dark town that finds itself cut off from the rest of the world. “The writers actually told me I’m one of their favorite characters to write for, because I get the cool line, the funny line,” Elvis told us. “It’s such a serious show, I feel like I bring a goofy part…

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‘Homeland’ Leaving Charlotte for South Africa

After three award winning seasons filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, Homeland will relocate production to Cape Town, South Africa for the upcoming Season 4, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  “We’ve been so lucky to work with one of the best crews in the business for the last three seasons in Charlotte,” said Homeland showrunner and executive producer Alex Gansa.“We knew going into season four that we would need to move the production overseas to tell the story of Carrie returning to the Middle East as chief of station.”

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